The new mantra: data

As soon as you as an organization have found a suitable answer to Simon Simek’s WHY question, the following mantra will be discussed: DATA. Or better, data-driven working. This is now an existential topic for many organizations.

Master data management

Data architects design landscapes with data (science) platforms, data lakes, data hubs and set up Master Data Management. Data scientists use artificial intelligence to translate terra bites of data into new insights. Process Mining and Digital Twins allow you to understand how processes really work and how you can make ‘what if’ predictions. Self assessments offer guidance in the well-known 5 scales to determine the maturity of your organization in working with data. And there is already a good range of options for following courses at HBO and Master level. There is a wide range on the market for supporting tooling, with the characteristic that you are already behind at the time of purchase.

Big tech is data driven

The toppers in data-driven work are the Tech giants Amazon, Facebook and Google. Apple and Microsoft will come pretty close. Once Amazon enters a market, it starts to dominate that market. The announcement that this webshop is coming to the Netherlands makes, Wehkamp and many other retailers shudder. Facebook is a trendsetter in creating bubbles and crosses our democratic system with click-like fake news. With parent holding Alphabet, Google is now much more than the ultimate search engine that answers almost all our questions. The market value of the Tech giants is such that their ability to take over other companies and invest in innovation cannot keep up. The Chinese omnivores and semi-state-driven Alibaba and Tencent are yet another separate class in the ranking of data-driven Tech giants.

Putting data to work

With these examples, the question is how to become such a topper yourself, or at least come close to it. And how useful it is for an organization to put so much thought and capital into data-driven work. In terms of financing, the step from investing in tooling yourself (Capex) to paying for what you use, such as cloud (Opex) is a precondition here if it is to last at all. The trick is to benefit as much as possible from what those Tech giants have come up with for themselves.

My primary requirements? Similar to the Tech giants, being able to work maximally data-driven and take maximum advantage of all technological developments without having to think about it every time. Oh yes, doing justice to European public values is my preference over the commercial ideology of America and certainly over the state-led ideology of China. Which relationship manager can I contact?

Let’s begin

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