Drivers of spectacular results

Amazing results with our data-centric approach

Differences between the usual application based solutions and our data-centric approach

Common application-oriented approach

Data hidden and inaccessible:

  • In unconnected application silos
  • In decentralised organisations
  • High degree of inconsistency
    • Decentralised input
    • Input at multiple locations
    • Data changes not integrated in their entirety
  • Large overlaps and a lot of unused data

Analysis in ‘Power Business Intelligence’ based on:

  • “Frozen past”

Huge transformation projects:

  • Sequential introduction of new applications by location
  • Adaptation of operating model to application in each country
  • “Stuck in frozen past”
  • Large Capex and Opex
  • Lead- and implementation times of years

Future XL, data-centric approach

All data in a central depository in the cloud:

  • All data retrieved from one central source: Intelligence in this depository, not in applications

Analysis based on ‘real time’

‘Reset’ based on proven technology:

  • Moving all data and data entry to a central depository in the cloud (incl. tightening data definitions and PMCs)
  • Central parameterization of operating model
    • Based on standard, readily available tools
    • Only different by local law/regulation
  • Headquarters and local organizations:
    • Always access to equal, real-time data
  • No capex
  • Lead time just several months to 1 year

Extra: large additional profit potential through better/more efficient/intelligent data access: Identification and exploitation of additional opportunities

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