It’s all in the data, part 4!

Denise Pellinkhof interviews Ken van Ierlant. He is director of FutureXL, has 45 years of experience in digital transformation and is the author of the book ‘Data – value – creation: how to earn money in the digital age’.

What will you see?

The fourth entry in this series on digital transformation is about the IT transition. Because that’s how many companies see it. They want to digitize and think it should be IT. That’s a complete misconception. If you make technocrats responsible for your company’s digital transformation, you know for sure that it is doomed to fail. IT thinks in terms of processes and does not understand the business. Stop IT, move away from IT legacy and move to the cloud. Only if you make the switch from app to data centrism, you can move forward. How can you skate where the puck is going to be? We answer that in this conversation.

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