It’s all in the data, part 2!

Denise Pellinkhof interviews Ken van Ierlant. He is director of FutureXL, has 45 years of experience in digital transformation and is the author of the book ‘Data – value – creation: how to earn money in the digital age’.

What will you see?

In the second video in this series, we focus on the financial aspects of digital transformation. After all, the goal is to create value. But if you don’t apply it properly, it rather destroys value. Where IT used to be a driver of digital transformation, it is now an obstacle. Companies are up to their ears in IT legacy. They still have this IT legacy on the balance sheet or outsourced it to IT service providers and this often takes up the annual budget. This is often passed on to the consumer. But let the consumer now embrace the digital transformation faster and want more intuitive, sustainable and cheaper. Monopolists see customers disappear en masse. If they don’t have the guts now to start over and work from application-driven data-centric, they won’t make it. What is going wrong and what is needed NOW?

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