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This book is about data, and how to deal with it. From a historical description of where we are now at the end of the Covid-19 pandemic and all the (technological) changes that have resulted from it, the authors take the reader to a future that is already here. Organizations can choose from two scenarios: either follow a blue process of implementing drastic cost reductions in which digitization is used as an efficiency tool, or opt for Digital Transformation 4.0 with a disruptive leitmotiv.

The authors are experts from all walks of life, not only visionaries, but also strategists, communication coaches, economists and IT and privacy advocates. This leads to many surprising insights: this book might turn your entrepreneurial vision upside down!

Many aspects are covered, such as psychology, language, good governance and compliance. The reader is familiarized with terminology such as ’emerging technologies’ and ‘disruptors rules’. All in all, it offers a truly holistic view, illustrated with many compelling examples, images, statistics and other facts and figures, that enliven the book.


What experts say

about our book

Can one book on data turn your entrepreneurial vision upside down? Yes, you actually can with this book!
Erst van win
Partner De Clercq Lawyers and Notaries
This book provides many tips and insights into how things can be improved. The writers continuously operate at the sharp end and ensure that you are stimulated.
Wouter Bronsgeest
Chairman KNVI & Sandra de Waart
Don’t make the mistake by thinking that things never can go smoothly. Look in this book how!
flip houtman
Entrepreneur, investor and general manager at Ventus Groep
If you have read it, you have a good basis for starting your own digital transition or reviewing your existing approach and giving it a qualitative boost.
Henny Portman
Owner Portman PM[O] Consultancy