Wijs en van Oostveen

The digital transformation of the current operating model to a new management operating system for a wealth-/ asset management company.

In October 2020, FutureXL accepted an assignment from Wijs & van Oostveen to realize an action plan for the digital transformation of the company’s core processes (data and information flows) after a detailed analysis of the current business situation.

Information flow and usage model

Our action plan describes the implementation of the information flow and usage model, the operating model and IT infrastructure adapted to it, with the underlying business case. If Wijs & van Oostveen approves the plan and the underlying business case, FutureXL will be contracted for the elaboration and implementation of the proposed information flow and usage model, the operating model and related IT infrastructure.

The final report was discussed in December, 2020 and in January 2021, Wijs & van Oostveen commissioned FutureXL to further develop the plan into an agreement, service level agreements (SLAs), detailed project plan, including mile-stones and deliverables per phase.

Replace operating model

With this choice for FutureXL, Wijs en van Oostveen has chosen to replace its current operating model with a new management operating system  (“end-to-end” workflow with full integration of all required functionality).  The required IT infrastructure then arises from this operating model, in which the management of the IT infrastructure is completely outsourced on the basis of a SPOC and an agreed SLA.


With this digital transformation of the operating model, Wijs & van Oostveen is completely unburdened in the field of management and maintenance of the required IT Infrastructure. FutureXL will be responsible for the services described in the SLAs and Wijs en van Oostveen will then have a new management operating system, in which all relevant data is recorded once where it first affects the organization.

The enrichment takes place within this workflow and the required functionality will be integrated into the platform. This creates the necessary flexibility for Wijs and van Oostveen to focus on expanding its current customer portfolio and offering new services.

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