Becoming fit for the future based on a new data model.

Rational is a leading company active in the field of professional kitchen equipment and systems. The ambition of the management is to accelerate its turnover growth of recent years, which has mainly been organically and reactively, to a level of 50 million euros in the next three to four years without this being accompanied by a commensurate growth of the organisation. A second ambition is to supplement its current revenue models with new revenue streams, such as pay-per-use (IoT) and new markets (retail) without cannibalising existing business..


Rational is a financially healthy company. Although it was affected by the Covid-19 crisis, turnover and costs have remained under control and -thanks to the NOW scheme- profit has also remained at pre Covid levels. The current cost level is in line with what can be expected from a company of its size and working method. The turnover growth in recent years has mainly been autonomous and reactive.


Rational’s success is mainly based on the quality of its products, brand awareness and service orientation. Growth is therefore not self-evident, because current growth mainly comes from the installed base. Intervening now in the costs to pay for the necessary changes will immediately lead to major problems in the organization. The current organization and its resources will not keep up with the ambitions of the board of directors, without major changes in the operating model, the organization and the management.

A new future with FutureXL

Based on a number of key assumptions, we build a data-centric operating model along the following lines:

  1. Data is captured only once and where it affects the organization first
  2. Data-centric working means integrating data, intelligence and functionality into a ‘layer’ on an SQL database in which all source data is collected.
  3. Users only interact with that layer and therefore with all source data to perform all activities and to store, enrich and reproduce data.
  4. Interfacing with external data sources is also done in the same way
  5. A key distinction between the current method and the Future XL method, is that all data manipulations are recorded; nothing is thrown away.
  6. All manipulations, which are mainly defined, are done in real-time by default, so that the information resulting from such updates is real-time available.
  7. Keeping data and information up-to-date is an automatic process.
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