De Nederlandsche Bank

The Dutch Central bank wishes to update its offices to the requirements and needs of today and the future. Therefore, it is revitalizing its housing in Amsterdam.

Adaptive housing

The bank’s housing in Amsterdam needs to meet ‘next generation standards of an intelligent building’. A building that is adaptive and in the long run, cognitive. A building that contributes to a high-quality working environment that support its users in their work processes.

Digital architecture

During the design process, the Dutch Central Bank has recently given direction to the requirements and wishes in combination with the first digital architectural sketches. There was a clear need from the team to receive operational, technical, financial and organisational input.

In-house Masterclass

As an intake, a Masterclass Smart Building by FutureXL was organised. This Masterclass examined the elements that De Nederlandsche Bank would need. The intake made it strikingly apparent how many important questions still would need to be answered e.g. decided upon additionally before moving towards any fase of implementation. The real answers are in asking the right questions at the start in order to get a better plan.

Let’s begin

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