Your steps in digital transformation for true value creation

We realize significant additional value for your organization through a number of steps. The breadth and depth of those steps obviously vary from case to case and are defined in advance with you .

Step 1

Inspiration session

A workshop of about 1 day in which we explain from a holistic perspective how business ambitions can be realized by making effective use of data that already reside within your organisation. Topics: Digital strategy-reengineering of your balance sheet- legislation- IT transformation by moving away from applications towards data centricity- behavioral change through digital leadership programs. What are the specific developments, business opportunities and -threats and how can we co-venture with you?

Step 2

Digital Due Diligence

By sticking a ‘digital thermometer’ into your organisation, we show you where you really stand (or not) planning- and execution wise in terms of digital transformation and business improvement. Along the axes of holism, strategy, financial ratios. legislation and compliance, IT transition and digital capabilities of your organisation, we will provide you within two weeks with a crystal clear Polaroid photo showing the digital potential of your organisation.

Step 3

Future Fit Analysis

The trajectory start is the exploration of your (data) opportunities. You know more about your business, we have a deep understanding of digital transformation and business improvement. This combination proves to be highly successful. Once we have indicated opportunities, we’ll explain you in detail how we make the conversion towards tangible benefits. Elements: How to tackle problems, how to realise ambitions, how to create financial robustness, how to engage staff and a projectplan with milestones and business case (incl. our ‘skin in the game’).

Step 4


Upon acceptance of the Future Fit Analysis, an associated step-by-step plan will be
implemented in tandem with your own core team. We’ll provide you with clear milestones with regard to cost savings (against your current levels, beyond IT) and progress of the digital transformation itself on the basis of your own data. Hence we’ll provide you with a new operating model for your business that includes technology, data organisation and data intelligence.

Step 5


Once the technology and operating model for your ‘next stage business’ has been selected and delivered, we’ll focus on the deliverables: profitable growth through higher revenues, and margins in combination with lower costs and elimination of clutter. Ensuring that actuals meet the pre-set milestones. You will be running your new operating model without the heavy cost burden of traditional IT applications and dependency of service providers and consultants.

Step 6


Technology and markets are continuously changing. Today’s state of the art solutions might be outdated by tomorrow. For this reason, we’ll like to stay with you onboard for a longer period in order to keep on fine-tuning your technology and processes for long-term, optimal value creation.


Reference projects:

Wijs & van Oostveen

More than 30 years active in the international financial markets.

De Nederlandsche bank

Committed to a stable financial system; stable prices and more.


Intelligent equipment for professional kitchens.

Door policy

Future XL is not suitable for everyone and we have more demand than capacity. We therefore apply the following ‘door policy’:

  • Management willingness to allow fundamental metamorphoses once improvement potential is evident
  • We do not work on the basis of 1 to 1 customer demands (we are not an IT company and don’t work on a ‘fee per hour’ basis)
  • Decisive DMUs are required with a focus on achieving best solutions rather than compromises
  • Requirement of ‘adaptive steadiness’: no opportunism or hesitancy
  • The above intake is mandatory: we have to ‘earn’ each other
  • Mutual commitment: Fast decision-making, clear milestones and mandates
  • Fast response times and direct, uncomplicated communication
  • Clear and crisp reporting on essentials: No bulky reporting or shiny power-points
Let’s begin

Create more value by using your own data differently under our guidance