Looking for growth? You’re sitting on it!

You have been in business for years and have a lot of market knowledge, relationships and data. However, the world changes constantly, so the question is to what extent your current business operating model will still be competitive in the future. Data Centrism is the key for a healthy future of your organisation.


Your data are the key to transformation and value

Your data are the key to transform towards a future-proof organisation and as such are fuel for your growth and value creation. It is not about collecting and storing as much data as possible but to know exactly what data really matters and how it can be used profitably starting tomorrow . This is about changing your operating model by focussing on data centric business transformation.

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We do not act as a traditional consultant or proverbial ‘IT-Partner’ with an aim to sell you as many IT applications, licenses and billable hours as possible and to make you long term dependent on us. We like to operate as a committed partner who works with you on rapid business transformation and innovation on the basis of true partnerships and ‘skin in the game’. Realizing Digital Transformations for you is integral part of this approach.

We tend to break-up traditional spending patterns in IT. Such expenditure may have been justified in the past but now only tend to lead to high costs, less focus and -above all- a false sense of security. This makes our interventions cost neutral:. We tend to finance digital transformation by cost savings on traditional IT expenditure and by generating new value sources so that we do not rely on your working capital.

‘Future XL’ quite literally stands for making your organisation fit for a profitable future.


  • Rapid business transformation and innovation under clear guidance and management
  • Based on data-centric working/business improvement
  • Flexible operating models to convert opportunities into tangible value
  • Exploitation and exploration of data you already posses but under-exploit to make your organization fit for the future
  • Mobilise and engage your entire organisation to actually create Digital Leadership
  • Much greater decisiveness and adaptability through winning operating models
  • No hourly fees but performance fees on projects completed and value gained: Based on partnership/results.

Drivers of additional Value :

  • New products/services that increase profitability exponentially
  • Significant increase in the underlying balance sheet value (DCF)
  • Cost savings/increase in cash flow with immediate effect
  • Risk minimization through achievable milestones and tight control

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Unicorns are all data centric!

Not only large companies such as Amazon and Tesla are strictly working on a data-centric basis, but also successful startups such as Adyen, Mollie and Waze are 100% data-centric. Adyen originated by exploiting data that was not used by large, legacy banks who were sitting on very valuable data without knowing it! Explore with us the possibilities for your organization if you would really start working data-centric.